ADE 2017 on 22/10 : Join our 2 events OFF ADE & ADE Afterparty
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OFF ADE w Laylla Dane, Leiris, Levi Verspeek and Max Ferdinand

SUNDAY 22.10 :: 13H > 1H @ OFF ADE Venue

OFF ADE 2017 will happen during A.D.E., it’s entirely programmed as off the grid event at an off location in the center of Amsterdam and will have a more intimate approach.

Line up :
Laylla Dane
Levi Verspeek
Max Ferdinand

Hosted by : OFF Party x Madness Crew x Rotate

Venue : Jan Evertsenstraat 18B, Amsterdam >> GoogleMaps

Buy your tickets on :

(IDEAL payments also available)

ADE Sunday Closing w/ Priku, East End Dubs, Arapu, Laylla Dane

SUNDAY 22.10 :: 23H > 5H+ @ MADAM – Adam Toren

Gathered from all over Europe we’ve come together to throw ADE’s closing afterparty at Madam in A’DAM Toren.

Line up :
East End Dubs
Laylla Dane

Hosted by : bipolar x Rotate x OFF Party

Venue : MADAM @ Amsterdam Toren (20th Floor) >> GoogleMaps

Buy your tickets on :

(w IDEAL payments available)