OFF ADE 2018 - Amsterdam Dance Event - Rotate x OFF Party
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Our concept for ADE 2018 at Vrijstaat will be a mini festival within a festival with 2 night events and 1 day event. Visitors can buy combination tickets or a ticket per event and we offer a program with the most outstanding labels and collectives at the moment.


OFF ADE concept is made for an OFF Location and Vrijstaat fits very well with our concept.

The events are an experience, musically, location wise, sound quality and filled with entertainment en deco to take the visitor on a voyage.


With this total concept we can put Vrijstaat on the map.

We do believe it’s good to  have a coherent line up throughout the weekend so people know when they come to the Vrijstaat it’s always quality music and good atmosphere.

After ADE we like to see for the possibility to have a bi-monthly night at Vrijstaat, to keep the connection with the place and the people.